BDE Note

If you thought that the integration weekend, the pubcrawl and the Halloween party couldn’t be topped, get ready to be dazzled by what we have in store for you! Let us not forget our beloved graduates, who are coming back to the city in November to receive their diploma, and celebrate in true Toulouse style one last time. The word around town says that there will be more networking going on at the graduation party than at the BND. Never forget: a drunken alumnus is an internship seeker’s best friend.

After November comes December, and we don’t know about you, but here at the BDE we get really excited around Christmas time, and hell week (finals) can’t bring us down. So get ready to be jolly at the BDE Christmas party. Come January, join us at the ski weekend for a much needed post-Christmas workout! Come March, you’ll be fit and fab and ready to slip into your fanciest suit or prettiest dress for the classiest event of the year: the TSE Gala. That’s enough information for now; a bit of mystery is the key to any successful relationship!

Between all these parties, don’t lose your smarts! Join us for great cultural events all through the year! Mid-November, get your pots and pans ready to impress your peers at our international lunch. The idea is simple: taste mine and I’ll taste yours. If food just isn’t your thing (is that even possible?!) come to our regular movie sessions for just 4€ at Cinéma ABC! We’re currently working on many more partnerships for you to discover our great Toulousain culture!

Our partnerships aren’t limited to cultural spaces, our team roams the streets of Toulouse daily to negotiate the best deals with local businesses, for our Teasy Card members! With the Teasy Card you can savor a complete brunch at Papagayo, work off that brunch thanks to a discount at Movida gym, and then celebrate your achievement with the happy hour prices at La Couleur de La Culotte! But wait, that’s not all! This magical card also gives you discounts at all our events and on our online shop!

Speaking of which, have you ever wondered how to prove to your family, in a stylish way, that your TSE acceptance wasn’t a lie? Look no further! From sweatshirts to socks, you could realize your dream of being dressed in TSE goodies from head to toe!!


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