Say It Aloud! Note

Say It Aloud was founded on a rather simple idea: TSE needed a forum where students could share their beliefs and discuss them. This way a small group of friends–pretty shy at first–gathered together and created Say It Aloud. They were thinking big. They decided it would be fun to organize conferences on various topics, to create a debating society and to run a public speaking workshop.

Two and a half years have gone by, but the fire is burning brighter than ever!

Whether it’s participating in debating competitions, training for public speaking, organising conferences, or forging partnerships with other associations to share new ideas, Say It Aloud is the right place for you.


Say It Aloud organises conferences led by students on diverse topics, where guest speakers present and debate. On the first semester we organised two conferences: one in French on new teaching methods and one in English on social entrepreneurship in the Philippines. The students are here to choose the subject, the guests and of course what questions will be asked. We’re a student forum, YOU decide what you want to talk about and how you want it. Our next conference will be on February 1st, follow our Facebook page to see what we’ll talk about.

Public speaking workshops

A professional trainer hired by the association run 2 workshops per week, one in French -Monday 6.30pm-, one in English -Tuesday 6.30pm-. Students can come to improve their speaking skills and learn to better manage stress when speaking. A great opportunity to meet new friends too!


Can people loudly disagree and still be friends? Say It Aloud says yes, more than ever actually. If you disagree in the right way and listen. You want to express your beliefs with eloquence and form solid arguments to defend them but the public speaking workshops are not enough for you? You can participate in the national debating championship which the association joined last year. We made the quarters in a tie against HEC Paris but we’re confident we’ll win this year! Come and help us get this trophy. Or just support us with Say It Aloud flags in the amphitheatre during the matches. As you want.


If Say It Aloud is about sharing ideas and  creating new ones, the more ideas we get the better, right? Well Say It Aloud decided to take this statement literally. We’ve just been elected to the national Board of Directors of the associations’ network Animafac for 2 years. It means participating in a lot of events all around Toulouse, meeting new associations, new people, new projects and of course fresh ideas. A great opportunity to create innovative partnerships and see what’s happening outside of TSE.

Do you want to be a better speaker? Are you driven by challenges? Or do you just want to make friends while discovering new things? If yes, you should come to Say It Aloud!

For more information, contact us at, on Facebook, on our website or come see us in MD303. Or we might be just hanging out in the courtyard of the school, and the award of a Nobel Prize, another chapter will be started in 2019 with a new building for TSE’s researchers. Hopefully, it will be the nest of many great ideas in the years to come.


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