BDS TSE: new board, new goals !

On the eve of its fourth year of operation, the TSE Bureau des Sports has defined a new line of objectives for the start of the 2018 academic year!

The aim is clear: Facilitating the integration of students within the school through sports events and taking care of their health by offering organic baskets. This integration will be affordable for all: The BDS TSE places much emphasis on a wide range of activities, at attractive prices. We make a point out of proposing activities never exceeding the sum of 10. 

Consequently, all the students will have the possibility to discover new activities, many of which will be implemented for the first time: A JustDance competition, an escape game afternoon, karting, and acrobranching parks… Moreover, after the success of the last Olympiads Edition with the participation of a team of teachers, the BDS TSE would like to renew its willingness to unite all TSE members (teachers, administrative staff and students) around some sports activities.

Now get some rest and enjoy your summer break because the BDS staff will be waiting for you in September, as motivated as ever! 


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