Internship Report: The Brattle Group

M1 Internship Bianca Cosma
Bianca Cosma
  1. Where did you do your internship and what was your role?

I worked as a Research Analyst Intern at the Brattle Group in London for a period of three months. The Brattle Group is an international consulting firm focused on economic and financial analysis predominantly in the utility and energy sectors. During my internship, I worked on several international arbitration cases. These constitute the majority of the cases the London office works on. The main case I followed dealt with investments in electricity production from renewable sources in an Eastern European country. I was in charge of gathering data, providing statistics, and producing graphs of the market demand and supply for green electricity patents. The final aim of our team for this case was to prepare a regulatory report describing the initial functioning and the subsequent collapse of the market, which are both relevant from an investor’s perspective.

  1. How did your studies at TSE help you during the internship?

My studies at TSE helped in several dimensions. First, the theoretical background acquired at TSE provided an essential starting point since I was already familiar with the concepts of competitive market equilibrium, the public goods dilemma, and the related interventions. All these concepts were tackled in Industrial Organisation and Public Economics classes. Second, the many empirical assignments carried on during the year helped me understand the rigour and challenges of carrying out an empirical analysis. I believe that the most useful undertaking was the empirical project of the Applied Econometrics course, which gives students a chance to experience organising the analysis and the workload firsthand. This experience helps to develop a critical approach in analysing data and providing meaningful statistics, which proved useful during the internship. In fact, while most of the tasks were decided in the team meetings, the direct intervention and personal suggestions were highly appreciated due to the collaborative environment that characterises the firm.

  1. How did you get the internship? What would be your advice for students looking for a similar internship?

I read the offer of the intern position on the company website and I applied in November. After a few months, a HR responsible contacted me for an interview. Later, I had a second interview with the Rome office for the same position. This application did not have a positive outcome; instead, I was put in contact with the London office recruitment team. A few months later, I was contacted for another interview with the London office and I was offered the internship position at the end of the process. My personal advice is to plan ahead and start applying early, preferably before December because companies may have different procedures and deadlines. At the same time, it’s a good idea to keep in contact with the people in charge, as it demonstrates a high level of interest and is highly appreciated.

by Bianca Cosma

The Brattle Group Logo
The Brattle Group (PRNewsFoto/The Brattle Group)

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