Meet the board – 2018/19

José Alfonso Muñoz Alvarado

Editor-in-Chief: José Alfonso Muñoz Alvarado

My name is Alfonso. I have been part of the magazine since my M1 two years ago, and am now a student in DEEQA. This year I will be the editor-in-chief and will try to continue the amazing work the magazine has been doing in the last years. I invite every student to join us, there are plenty of areas you could work on in the magazine, such as writing, proofreading, designing, or helping in organising the several events we will have during the year. Do not hesitate to talk to any of us to know more about the great experience that is being part of the TSEconomist team.

Valérie Furio

Deputy Editor: Valérie Furio

My name is Valerie and I am this year’s deputy editor. Having completed my Bachelor’s degree at McGill University in Canada, I arrived at TSE in M1 and am now in M2 ERNA. As a new student, the TSEconomist was a definite highlight of my M1 year and has enriched my TSE experience in many ways. I contributed last year as a section editor and to the inauguration of coffee at our Coffee Talks (you’re welcome). Don’t hesitate to reach out to me about opportunities in writing or proofreading – much like our social events, when it comes to the creation of our magazine, the more the merrier!

Veera Nissi

Head of Design: Veera Nissi

My name is Veera and I am the new head of design. I joined the TSEconomist in L3 and tried out several tasks, from proofreading articles to buying cookies for coffee talks. My main contribution that year was updating the website, but I soon discovered the even more fascinating world of design. The designers are there to make sure that people choose to grab the magazine and enjoy the reading experience. Good design relies on creativity and imagination, as a counterbalance to the rigorous models and theorems we study in our classes. After a gap year, I returned to the magazine and continued to improve my skills as a designer. The success of our design team is based on continuity: everyone can learn how to design, but the true progress and quality comes from the knowledge sharing from one “generation” to another. I have been lucky to learn from many talented designers in the TSEconomist and I hope I can pass on that experience to all the newcomers this year.

Gökçe Gökkoca


Head of Communications: Gökçe Gökkoca

My name is Gökçe and I am head of communications. I am a DEEQA student this year and it is my second year at both TSE and the TSEconomist. Last year, I was a proofreader and a member of the communications team. Being part of the magazine is a really fun escape from the courses and has been a rewarding experience where I could see my efforts turn into a product appreciated by the TSEconomist’s growing audience. One goal of the communications team is to ensure that the value created reaches our readers all over the world from France to India, Japan to Honduras! Our team also works closely with the organisation team for the promotion of the upcoming events. If you want to contribute to the TSEconomist through online social and professional networks, and work towards further growth of our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts, you are more than welcome to join the communications team!

Joël Bréhin

Head of Organisation: Joël Bréhin

My name is Joël; I have been at TSE since my first year but only joined the TSEconomist last year, during my M1. I have written articles in every issue and it has been a good way for me to get a first grasp of topics I was not immediately familiar with. This year I will be part of the M2 EEE, and will also be the treasurer and the head of organisation in the TSEconomist board. This means I will be in charge of organising the various events we propose each year: the Coffee Talks, launching lunches, teaching awards and the TSEconomist talk. The Teaching Awards and launching lunches are already an established tradition streamlined by my predecessors. My main objective is, as such, to increase the number of Coffee Talks and offer more diverse issues to our audience.


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