The TSEconomist’s teaching awards at the 2017-2018 TSE Gala

When it comes to trophies, it isn’t just about sports. On the eve of the Winter holidays last semester, students and professors celebrated the end of midterms at the memorable TSE BDE Gala, an evening filled with champagne, dancing and great photo booths.

At this annual event, the TSEconomist asks the students of TSE to vote for the professors who made their year, going above and beyond to spread their passion for their subjects. These individuals are often not only talented teachers, but also a source of inspiration to our student body, reminding us of why we’re here and urging us to persevere. It is a privilege for the TSEconomist to reward them every year at this celebratory event.

Here are the winners of this year’s Teaching Awards:

  • L3 Teacher of the year: Philippe Plazanet
  • L3 TA of the year: Jad Beyhum
  • M1 Teacher of the year, Main Subject: François Poinas
  • M1 Teacher of the year, Electives: Alexandre de Cornière
  • M1 TA of the year: Roberto Sarkisian
  • M2 Teacher of the year: Yassine Lefouili

While we here at TSE are all fond of numbers, some things can only be expressed in writing… Here are some comments from the student body:


“¡Sobresaliente Alberto!” On Alberto Grillo

“He is the boss. Best teacher ever” On Matthew Paddick

“His explanations are clear like water” On Jad Beyhum

“Simply perfect” On Laurent Bakri

“Mention spéciale pour sa gentillesse!!” On Christine Maurel


“Best teacher I’ve ever had! Committed to student life, very clear, great professor and human first” On François Poinas

“A big thank you to Mr. Seabright who helped me remember the reasons why I’m passionate about economics :)” On Paul Seabright

“A big thank you to Charles Pébereau, the best TA ever. Someone who really cares and stays available for his students” On Charles Pébereau

“Very energetic and enthusiastic teacher” On Matteo Bobba


“One of the best teachers of TSE, he was always available to help any student” On Yassine Lefouili

“I really enjoyed classes because his enthusiasm is contagious” On Sylvain Chabé-Ferret

“He has a great way of capturing your attention throughout the whole class!” On Nicolas Treich

“He is an exceptionally talented teacher of maths, not only because he deeply understands what he’s teaching BUT because he can communicate theorems and 3-hour proofs in a way that you feel enlightened and curious about everything after his class. He should teach everyone else how to teach” On Jérôme Bolte

And one last comment:  “Thanks to everyone for your time and effort! :)”


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