TSE Junior Etudes

TSE Junior Etudes is a student organisation that works as a consulting firm, hiring students to take what we were taught at TSE and apply it to solve problems for companies. While our aim is to provide real solutions to these firms, our main goal is to provide TSE students with a real insight into consultancy, giving them a real taste of a company’s environment, and getting paid along the way! We realise that it is sometimes hard for students to imagine what an economists’ job consists of, and we provide our members with a real professional world experience, thus smoothing the transition between student and professional life.

The way we work is simple. We have our consultants who work exclusively on one project:  This can be a range of tasks, from simply filling in surveys to more complicated tasks, such as developing a full econometric model. We recruit students from L3 to M2. Our consultants not only develop the skills learned at TSE, but also earn money by doing so – much like doing a short internship! We recruit our consultants throughout the year, for the projects we have from our clients, so stay connected to find out more!

But this is not all: our Junior Entreprise is mainly run by active members who work on the administration of the company, developing their managerial skills and making friends along the way, because we’re an association in the end. Our active members get to have the most fun, going to congresses and events with other young entrepreneurs. These are both recreational, such as going to a party, and educational, like having different workshops on communication, accounting, or how to do your best in a job interview. These congresses are organised by other Junior Entreprises of our region and they are an excellent opportunity to get in touch with other junior entrepreneurs, to learn new skills or to get in touch with our premium national partners: Ernst & Young, BNP Paribas, Engie, and Alten.

Our company is divided into five teams : Accounting, who manage the accounts and day-to-day operations of the company; the Studies team, who find clients and help on the managing of the studies; the Audit team, who ensure that our projects meet the best quality; the Communications team, who manage our social media and work on improving the image of the company; and the Human Resources team, who make sure our consultants have enough skills to correctly develop the project. Even if these teams work separately, they are all vital to the success of the association and they all work together for the correct functioning of the association.

Our main recruitment is in September, when we recruit mostly for active members who will take part in the administration of the company. If you’re interested in being a consultant, don’t hesitate to contact us through our social media or directly at our office (MF 002). We publish all our employment offers on the Facebook group of each class and on our Facebook page, so you just need to stay connected to get our latest news. You don’t need to be an active member to be a consultant and you can definitely be a consultant if you’re an active member, so don’t hesitate to do both!

Being a young entrepreneur can either be the golden star to a flawless résumé or the starting point of a great career, and a sure asset in a fast-changing world. Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more!


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