M1 Report Kpler, Kevin Nem

  1. Where did you do your internship and what was your role?

I did my internship in Paris at Kpler, a company that develops data intelligence solutions for the commodity market. Kpler tracks cargos in order to aggregate data and compute international flows. The commodity market is opaque and Kpler contributes to make it more transparent. The client base is diverse: trading houses, oil majors, national oil companies, ship-owners, and international organisations.

I joined the commercial team as an international sales intern. My primary task was to sell the product in the European Area. As a commercial, I had to prospect, present a demo, and meet with clients. Before doing any of that, I had to learn how the product works and understand the commodity market in depth. Every morning I read the news to familiarise myself with the market and find commercial opportunities. After that, the rest of my day was dedicated to working on prospects and existing clients. I had the chance to meet clients from different countries, to present our product, negotiate or just have quick chat with them concerning their needs and our latest releases. One aspect of the job is to maintain a good relationship with clients and companies. I ended my internship with Kpler by organising the  annual party of the company in Geneva.

  1. How did your studies at TSE help you during the Internship?

The commodity market, and especially the oil & gas market, strongly impacts the economy. It is important to have basic knowledge of economics and finance to understand the dynamics of this sector. TSE provides a rigorous and strong training in economics that helped me during this internship. Thanks to the programming class at TSE on statistical software, in addition to my sales role, I was able to analyse the data and help our client on the technical side.

  1. How did you get your internship? What would be your advice for students looking for a similar internship?

I found my internship through the website “Welcome to the jungle” that references thousands of companies and job opportunities. After having sent my CV, I decided to call the company directly. The first time, I was told that the HR wasn’t available but after a few minutes, the person I was going to work with called me and interviewed me. I had to pass through different interviews and went to Paris for a final interview. I would advise students at TSE to not restrict themselves because there are many possible careers, and there are a lot of companies that are looking for our profile in different fields and positions.


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