The TSE Alumni Association

The TSE Alumni association gathers all students who have graduated from the Toulouse School of Economics. The role of the TSE’s alumni association is to keep the link between graduates and TSE throughout their lives. As a growing association, its role is also to support networking by connecting all graduates with their fellow alumni all around the world, help former students find a job, and keep the spirit of TSE across generations. The TSE Alumni association has a strong presence all over the world: Paris, London, Brussels, Canada, Asia, Australia, etc…  And still keeps a close relation with Toulouse.

What are our plans?

On October 2018, a new board has been elected, and will be leading the association for the three years to come.

The project is built around four main objectives:

  • To achieve financial independence from TSE. Several discussions are ongoing on how to finance the association. The goal is to engage the first steps of financial independence;
  • To structure our network through a reliable update of the current professional situation of members, and the creation of a yearbook. The idea is also to increase professional interactions among alumni;
  • To take part in the TSE’s overall policy and assist them with some questions. The association must play a bigger role in TSE’s development and strategic orientations;
  • To develop alumni’s network life and actions: afterworks, events, conferences… Several events are already organised but some surprises are about to be announced… Keep posted!

What actions are we taking?

  • EVENT: organisation of events to gather alumni around the world with the support of local TSE ambassadors. Since October, two events – one afterwork and one wine tasting – have been organised in Paris, as well as one conference/breakfast in Brussels. We have events planned for Montreal, London, Toulouse and Paris;
  • NETWORK: network animation and better relations between graduates, professionals, current students, and professors;
  • PARTICIPATION IN THE SCHOOL’S EVENTS: contribution to corporate events (Business Networking Day, Business Talks, etc.), the start of the school year and the reception of new students, the Gala, the Farewell Party, and the Graduation Ceremony organised by the school, to name a few;
  • COMMUNICATION: promotion of TSE brands on social networks and within companies.

Here are some pictures from those events:


What are the strengths of our network?

Our network gathers fellow alumni, professors, and also numerous professionals thanks to:

  • A platform, the sharing space for our growing community (news, discussions, job offers, search engine and events calendar):
  • Events in several cities around the world to keep in touch (afterworks, conferences, sports meetings)
  • A growing TSE professional network that creates many career opportunities (setting up a directory of alumni in 2019)

It is very important to keep your profile up to date on the TSE Alumni’s platform. If this is not the case, please take five minutes to look at it and modify any information. You must also make sure that you have entered the correct location (in the parameter section). Remember to change it when you will move from Toulouse, for example, as this will ensure that you receive all the relevant information for your new city.

What is the role of a TSE alumni ambassador?

If you have graduated, you can become a TSE alumni ambassador. The missions of a TSE alumni ambassador are the following:

  • Organise regular events to gather graduates at the local level and welcome newcomers
  • Animate groups and discussions on social networks
  • Help increase the size of the community: search for new members, encourage the local community to interact on the platform
  • Represent the school within companies (recruitment of TSE interns…)
  • Contribute to global events (Annual General Meeting, Annual Alumni Party, Graduate Ceremony and Business Network Day)
  • Help the school to be referenced in local businesses

Our objective for the next three years is to have TSE alumni ambassadors all around the world. Every graduate or student will then be able to reach out to them in case of questions or for any information on the country, city…

Are you interested in joining our team?

Please contact us at:

Where can you find us?

  • On the Alumni’s platform directly:
  • On our Facebook page:
  • On dedicated pages by cities, for now:
    • TSE Alumni in Paris
    • TSE Alumni in Brussels
    • TSE Alumni in Montreal
    • TSE Alumni in London
  • On Linkedin: Toulouse School of Economics Alumni

The current board


Emilien Simioni – President

Master Finance and Risk Evaluation – Graduated 2017

Business Developer – BinckBank

+33 6 74 68 83 74



Mathilde Berthelot – General Secretary

Master Statistics and Econometrics – Graduated 2016

Data Scientist – Quinten

+33 6 30 95 06 73

Deloitte-Alice Hebrard_XAP7607_BW

Alice Hebrard – Treasurer

Master Economics & Law – Graduated 2017

Economic Advisor – Deloitte

+33 6 58 95 77 83


clemenceClémence Garnier – Events

Master Econometrics and Empirical Economics – Graduated 2017

Chief of Project – Finance Innovation

+33 6 15 07 44 08


Yann-Ange Kouassi – Events

Master Environmental and Natural Resources Economics – Graduated 2016

Energy Consultant – Deloitte

+33 6 18 30 69 19


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