TSE Alumni Article – Maguelonne Jarczak, Data Analyst at Airbus

TSE Alumni Maguelonne J


What is your position today?

I am working as a Data Analyst at Airbus. I joined in October the Airframe data Analytics (ADA) Team that is in charge of supporting the deployment of data analytics solution for Airframe engineering. Airframe is the mechanical structure of an aircraft.

I am part of a self-organised transnational team of six people. Our mission is to build the transverse referential of data analytics methods and data model for the Airframe community. ADA team delivers transverse activities and projects in these four fields: data exposure, data semantics, data services and data analytics products.

I have for instance projects on composite materials. Structural materials used on Airframe are tested to ensure the right level of performance and the compliance of the raw material with regards to the product specification of the material. I use a data analytics approach to identify any possibility to reduce the level of testing keeping the same level of material quality. I also have a big project to predict gaps and overlapping when we assemble nacelle on an engine.

We are the reference team in data analytics for engineering airframe. It implies a high involvement in the analytics network: animation of the network, sharing best practices, participation to market place, and communication event.

As part of a self-organised team, we are responsible for the organisation team. I have recently been involved in a recruitment process. It was funny to be on the other side!

I recently had the opportunity to become a focal point for eSelf, a community aiming to develop empowerment in Engineering Airframe. The term empowerment refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in team in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority. My work has great variety!


What was your path from you Master’s graduation to this current post?

I was enrolled in Master 2 Econometrics and Statistics and in apprenticeship as a data analyst at Airbus in Quality Procurement. I was looking for a position of data analyst, with a preference for the aeronautic sector. I found this opportunity through the Alumni website and I applied for it. I passed two interviews with HR and two with the team. I was also involved in a recruitment process with Air France for a position in Marketing.

Today I am very happy to be part of this team. I am delighted by the self-organisation of the team. It is great, particularity in a big firm!


According to your professional experience what are the most useful skills obtained during your degree ?

The most useful skill is my ability to learn quickly and to adapt myself to different environments. During the Master we have worked on applied and theoretical projects on a large variety of topics (marketing/bank/social network). With a background in Economics I quickly adapted to Engineering environment.

Moreover, I learnt a lot during my apprenticeship. One year of experience in a big firm allows you to be more efficient when you start. I already had very useful skills when I began to work for Airbus.

The Machine learning and programming courses are very useful to work in a firm. I used Python, R, RShiny and Dataiku. RShiny is a very useful tool, you can realise very sophisticated things!


What advice would you like to give to TSE or to the school?

Learn by yourself and be curious on different methods and ways of working! The world is changing all the time. I am always learning in the team and we have to be open-minded; everything can be useful for your career.

The involvement of professionals during the master was very useful. Having a strong relationship between the academic and professional worlds is key! For example, in the marketing course taught by P.Bizarri from Avisia, we used Dataiku DSS an analytics platform. It can make the difference in a CV!

One last advice: if you have the opportunity, go abroad!




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