Teaching Awards 2020


We maintain the suspense a bit longer, but now the complete results are available!

And the winners are …

  • Best L3 Teacher : Pascal Bégout
  • L3 Eco: Isabelle Pechoux
  • L3 Eco-Droit: Christine Maurel and Stéphane Villeneuve (ex aequo)
  • L3 TA :  Paul Henri Moisson
  • Best M1 Teacher : Catherine Cazals
  • M1 TA : Ferreira Da Silva Filho Alipio
  • M2 ERNA : Jean-Pierre Amigues
  • M2 EMO : Mathias Reynaert
  • M2 EEE  : Cristina Gualdani and Chihab Hanachi (ex aequo)
  • M2 PPD + Best of M2 : Jean-Paul Azam
  • M2 Eco-Stats : Anne-Ruiz Gazen
  • M2 ECL : Yassine Lefouilli

You have been a lot to vote this year for the Teaching Awards and we are glad you enjoyed participating to this edition!

We would also like to thank again the BDE for organizing this amazing event!

See you soon!

The TSEconomist



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