Gap year report, Pauline Caramel

Gap Year Report - Pauline Caramel

What did you do during your gap year ?

During my gap year I did a six-month internship in the Réseau Autonome des Transports Parisiens Développement – RATP Dev – in Paris as a data analyst. Then, I went to Nepal for a volunteering mission with the association “All Hands and Hearts.” It consisted in rebuilding three schools which were destroyed by the 2015 earthquake.


What did these experiences bring you on a personal level ?

On a personal level, the internship gave me an insight into the workplace environment in a company, and taught me how to develop my analytical skills. The volunteering mission in Nepal allowed me to discover a new culture, to explore the construction sector, to culturally broaden my horizons by talking to volunteers from all over the world, and to practice and improve my English.


Did you do your gap year after your undergraduate degree or after the M1? Why this choice?

I did my gap year after my M1 to gain more theoretical knowledge in order to find an internship that fits better with my expectations.


Do you have any recommendations for TSE students about gap years?

I would advise the students who wish to do an internship during their gap year to wait after the M1; it is easier to find one and it will be more interesting. For those who which to volunteer, I recommend the association “All Hands and Hearts.” It helps to rebuild schools and homes in areas destroyed by natural disasters. It has a lot of programs around the world and it is free – you just have to pay for the visa and the plane ticket! You do not need to have any knowledge in construction, you just have to be motivated. Moreover, you will meet wonderful people in addition to help the local population. If you need more information or if you have questions, feel free to contact me.



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