Russia’s War in Ukraine

Dear readers,

This thirty-first issue of The TSEconomist magazine is the first issue of the new editorial board for the 2022-2023 academic year. As the new board, we learned how hard it is to create the issue of a magazine with such fine quality. Nonetheless, we can guarantee that we spent the best of our efforts to maintain the content quality of The TSEconomist, which is the legacy of many preceding boards.

This issue is dedicated to Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine, which started on February 24 and marked its 6th month on the national Independence Day of Ukraine. Ukraine’s brave resistance against the military superpower encouraged not only the small and militarily inferior nations but every one of us to stand up against bullies and demand the respect we deserve. Henceforth, as the editorial team of The TSEconomist, we felt the urge of investigating many aspects of Russia’s war in Ukraine, interviewing the experts and victims and attracting writers on this issue.

The issue starts with the special interview from Dr. Elena Besedina at the Kyiv School of Economics, in which she describes the horrible experience of Ukrainian people from an academician’s perspective. The academic section continues with Professor Oleg Itskhoki’s insights on the sanctions against Russia. Professor Itskhoki’s notes refine our understanding of what to expect from the sanctions. The issue continues with the spotlight articles which investigate the military aspect of Russia’s war in Ukraine and discuss the morality of the Russian central bank.

Lastly, our team thanks Peter Kamal for his valuable article in this issue and for the curation of the “Food and Drinks in Toulouse” section.

We wish you a good read.

Fikrat Valehli



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