Politics & Policy

We are delighted to present our first ever article exchange with another publication: Politics & Policy from Northwestern University. It was founded on August 1st 2010 by four students wanting to raise the tone of political debate on their campus, by creating a non-partisan platform where politically minded students could publish rigourous and academically informed analysis of current events. In their own words “P&P [Politics & Policy] is a community of individuals interested in why world shaping events occur and what impact these events have on our lives.”

We highly encourage you to visit their website to see more content at  http://politicsandpolicy.org/, we will be sending some issues of this magazine to their campus to be read by their students, we hope to distribute some of their issues in Toulouse soon!

Trump and Trade

One of the first official decisions that Donald Trump made after his inauguration was to withdraw US support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Mr Trump argued throughout the election that the pact, and many other global trade deals, was harmful to American companies and American workers and that he would withdraw from it immediately. He followed through on his word. When he withdrew from the partnership, Mr Trump stated he was going to “stop the ridiculous trade deals.”

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Angela Merkel’s Test

Germany recently held federal elections for the Bundestag, the national parliament. The center-right Christian Democrat Union (CDU) gained 33% of the vote, essentially securing Angela Merkel’s fourth term as chancellor. The Social Democrats (SPD) secured 20.5% votes, retaining their position as the Bundestag’s second largest party. However, both parties saw their vote share drop precipitously since the last election, marking the decline of public support for Germany’s traditional parties and an upswing in support for more radical political alternatives.

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It Takes Two to Tango

As American tech companies contend with strict scrutiny from Congress in the wake of the 2016 election, several have already been harassed by European regulators. During the past year, Amazon and Google were slapped with massive fines, continuing a trend of EU hostility toward major American tech companies.

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