Luise Eisfeld testimony

What are your past studies and professions? I was interested in societal and economic questions after High School, so I began my studies with a Sociology major and Economics minor at the University of Mannheim. I quickly realized that I actually loved the quantitative classes I had taken, so I switched to studying only Econ … Continue reading Luise Eisfeld testimony


Alumni report: Joanna Morais, AVISIA

What is your position today? I am currently working as a data scientist consultant at Avisia in Bordeaux. Avisia is a French consulting company created in 2007. Originally based in Paris, it now has agencies in Nantes, Lyon, and more recently in Bordeaux. I carry out projects ranging from a few weeks to several months, … Continue reading Alumni report: Joanna Morais, AVISIA

Gap year report, Philippe Schmitt

 What did you do during your gap year ? During my gap year I studied in Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, from September 2018 to June 2019. I took courses in economics and ecology, econometrics, Korean economy and Korean. What did you personally learn from this experience ? I chose this university – which does not … Continue reading Gap year report, Philippe Schmitt

Internship report: Arthur Biamouret, RATP

Where did you do your internship and what was your role? I did a six months internship at the Réseau Autonome des Transports Parisiens – RATP – headquarter in Paris to validate my M1. My mission was to try to design an econometric model to estimate the buses demand in Ile-de-France. I did everything, from … Continue reading Internship report: Arthur Biamouret, RATP

Internship report: Kilian Heutte, European Commission

Where did you do your internship and what was your role? Last summer I did my internship in Brussels at the European Commission in the Directorate General for Competition, F4 Merger Unit, which is specialised in Post and Transport Services. The European Commission is an EU institution with a power of investigation and intervention. The … Continue reading Internship report: Kilian Heutte, European Commission