Elgun Guliyev Aymane Abdennour Fikrat Valehli


Welcome to The TSEconomist's 32nd issue, which is also the first issue of the new year. 2022 added one more year to a repeating or, for some, "rhyming" history. Russia's invasion of Ukraine marked the start of 2022 with global unrest, a fashionable way to evolve for this decade. As missiles were dropping, global energy … Continue reading POVERTY


Can video games help us predict the evolution of pandemics?

With the outbreak of Covid-19, a 15 years old event surfaced; the World of Warcraft (WOW) pandemic. At the time, discussions appeared about how online video games could be revolutionary tools to predict the evolution of outbreaks. The current events make these discussions more newsworthy than ever.  The corrupted blood epidemy In 2005, this massively … Continue reading Can video games help us predict the evolution of pandemics?

Should we break-up Big Tech?

In recent years, digital technologies have profoundly changed many aspects of our daily lives, from e-commerce to internet search, travel, communication or entertainment consumption. While for the most part these changes have benefited consumers, certain voices have started to speak up against the power and influence of the Big Tech companies - Google, Amazon, Facebook, … Continue reading Should we break-up Big Tech?