Interview with Ariel Pakes

Biography Ariel Pakes is the Thomas Professor of Economics at Harvard, where he teaches courses in Industrial Organization and Econometrics. His research has focused on developing methods for empirically analyzing market responses to environmental and policy changes, and has done work for a number of consultancies, government agencies, and large firms. Much of his methodological … Continue reading Interview with Ariel Pakes


Intelligent Infrastructure: The Future of AI

“It is not enough to build an AI [Artificial Intelligence] system that makes a robot work across the screen, do computer vision problem or beat someone in chess contest. We have to work on these things like good engineers do, to solve problems,”  Michael I. Jordan (Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at University of … Continue reading Intelligent Infrastructure: The Future of AI

TSE Junior Etudes Note

TSE Junior Etudes is a mix of a student organization and a company, which allows our members to develop their professional skills before entering the job market. Our Junior Etudes belongs to the national movement of Junior-Entreprises (JE) led by the Confédération National des Junior Entreprises (CNJE). Our JE is currently working on data analysis, … Continue reading TSE Junior Etudes Note

Say It Aloud! Note

Say It Aloud was founded on a rather simple idea: TSE needed a forum where students could share their beliefs and discuss them. This way a small group of friends–pretty shy at first–gathered together and created Say It Aloud. They were thinking big. They decided it would be fun to organize conferences on various topics, … Continue reading Say It Aloud! Note

Nothing to Hide

Government surveillance has been a hot topic for a while now, particularly after the National Security Agency (NSA) leaks in the US. One of the main questions in the public debate is how much privacy can be forfeited in the name of security, as Benjamin Franklin said “They who can give up essential liberty to … Continue reading Nothing to Hide