Gap year report, Daniel Ostalé Valriberas

What did you do during your gap year? My gap year was split into two: the first semester, from September to February, and the second semester, from February to June. The first part of my gap year was very interesting but also totally unexpected. My first idea was to find an internship and work the … Continue reading Gap year report, Daniel Ostalé Valriberas


Internship Report : Valérie Furio, Efficacity

Where did you do your internship and what was your role? I did my M1 internship at Efficacity, a research institute for energy efficiency in urban systems. The institute is located just east of Paris in the Descartes campus, which has been developed with the clear intention of becoming a hub for research on urbanism … Continue reading Internship Report : Valérie Furio, Efficacity

The TSE Alumni Association

The TSE Alumni association gathers all students who have graduated from the Toulouse School of Economics. The role of the TSE’s alumni association is to keep the link between graduates and TSE throughout their lives. As a growing association, its role is also to support networking by connecting all graduates with their fellow alumni all … Continue reading The TSE Alumni Association

L’Homme providentiel. Quand les français en appellent au sauveur

Lors de la campagne présidentielle, certaines interventions publiques d’Emmanuel Macron ont marqué les esprits par leur caractère singulier. A titre d’exemple, sa spectaculaire traversée solitaire de la cour du Louvre au soir de son élection illustre le pouvoir d’une mise en scène au caractère fortement symbolique. Si certains ont dénoncé le ridicule de ce genre … Continue reading L’Homme providentiel. Quand les français en appellent au sauveur

The power of fear

On 17th January 2019, Colombia woke up with the news that a car bomb had exploded in Bogotá, its capital city. A car had entered the compound of the General Santander police academy, killed 21 people and left 68 injured. The news were striking as many people thought that bomb attacks in urban areas had … Continue reading The power of fear