Undergraduate nudges

The TSEconomist was glad to be invited to the presentations of the new undergraduate (L2) behavioural economics class. The students were all very keen and proud of their work, one group claiming “On fait du vrai nudge” [we do proper nudges]. Each group had to present their idea for a nudge that would make the … Continue reading Undergraduate nudges


Behavioural Note

This year TSE Behavioural Team is going from strength to strength, with the team working on four different projects in the first semester alone. We have also officially registered as a student association, securing our long term future as well as growing from five members to almost 20. We are constantly on the look-out for … Continue reading Behavioural Note

A short history of Behavioural Economics

About 50 years ago, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky started to take on the neoclassical doctrine of rational, self-interested behaviour. It turned out to be a destructive process. The two psychologists showed how humans systematically behave differently than homo economicus1 would in a range of situations. Choose a setup, see what the prediction of economic … Continue reading A short history of Behavioural Economics

Le Nudge Challenge

NudgeFrance est une association créée en 2015 pour permettre le développement de l’économie comportementale grâce à une approche nudge. Son objectif est de promouvoir cette stratégie auprès des spécialistes mais également du grand public. Pour cela, un concours destiné aux étudiants est organisé afin de proposer un nudge innovant qui encouragerait des comportements écologiques. Qu’est-ce … Continue reading Le Nudge Challenge

Making the world a better place

Studying economic theory often feels like looking at a very different world than the one in which we live every day. By using concepts likes rational choice theory or utility maximising agents, traditional economic models certainly gain in tractability and sometimes in insightfulness. Nevertheless, try explaining to a friend how he should behave to maximise … Continue reading Making the world a better place