Internship report: Kilian Heutte, European Commission

Where did you do your internship and what was your role? Last summer I did my internship in Brussels at the European Commission in the Directorate General for Competition, F4 Merger Unit, which is specialised in Post and Transport Services. The European Commission is an EU institution with a power of investigation and intervention. The … Continue reading Internship report: Kilian Heutte, European Commission


La Zone Euro est-elle une zone monétaire optimale?

Au sein du continent européen, l’existence de la Zone Euro offre la possibilité d’effectuer des transactions à l’aide d’une devise commune à 19 pays. Avec les récents problèmes des crises de la dette de certains États membres, le scepticisme autour de l’union monétaire s’est accru cette dernière décennie. Cela alimente le débat économique autour des … Continue reading La Zone Euro est-elle une zone monétaire optimale?

Europe’s response to plastic issues

Over the past fifty years, global production of plastic has multiplied by twenty, and so has its waste. Since you began to read these words, between one and a half and four kilogrammes of plastic waste has ended up in the oceans, representing approximately between five and thirteen million tonnes of plastic leakage every year. … Continue reading Europe’s response to plastic issues

English after Brexit

As the reality of Brexit approaches at a fast pace (at least, it seemed so by the time this article was written), the European Union faces many troubling issues to be solved. One of the less known – and arguably less important as well – is of linguistic nature: The EU´s most commonly used language … Continue reading English after Brexit

Brexit – The State Of The Art

On the 14th of March 2018, the debate “Brexit – What’s next?“ took a glance at the current state of affairs around the opaque Brexit topic. For the economics expertise, Professor Paul Seabright from the TSE and IAST, and Professor Louise Curran from the TBS were present. For the policy and legal perspective Pieter Cleppe, … Continue reading Brexit – The State Of The Art