Gap year report, Philippe Schmitt

 What did you do during your gap year ? During my gap year I studied in Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, from September 2018 to June 2019. I took courses in economics and ecology, econometrics, Korean economy and Korean. What did you personally learn from this experience ? I chose this university – which does not … Continue reading Gap year report, Philippe Schmitt


Gap year report, Gabriel Saive

What did you do during your gap year? My gap year was divided in two parts: the first semester for internships, and the second one to discover how a British university works -in my case, the University of Bristol. I wanted to get a long internship (six months) for my M1. I worked at the … Continue reading Gap year report, Gabriel Saive

Gap year report, Gaudéric Thiétart

  What did you do during your gap year? I decided to have both an international and a professional experience during my gap year. First, between September and January, I studied as an exchange student at the Carlos III University in Madrid. Then, I started a six months internship in a public policy consulting company … Continue reading Gap year report, Gaudéric Thiétart

Gap year report, Margaux Sinceux

What did you do during your gap year? First, in order to pass my M1, I did an internship from May to October in Toulouse at Orange. I chose to continue it during my gap year, for six months in total instead of the four months required for the M1, to have a real experience. … Continue reading Gap year report, Margaux Sinceux

Politics & Policy

We are delighted to present our first ever article exchange with another publication: Politics & Policy from Northwestern University. It was founded on August 1st 2010 by four students wanting to raise the tone of political debate on their campus, by creating a non-partisan platform where politically minded students could publish rigourous and academically informed … Continue reading Politics & Policy