TSE Careers

The TSE Careers team prepares students for their future careers by offering guidance and support in career development, as well as helping students to learn, grow, and build skills in a challenging job market. During the first semester, the TSE Careers team set up the “Professional Development” course for first and second year Master students, … Continue reading TSE Careers


M2 Choice

PPD - Public Policy and Development Current student: Alea Munoz Which aspects of your chosen program were the most challenging? In almost every course we have to write an empirical paper. This involves finding an interesting economic question and the appropriate data. Sometimes you come up with a very good idea, but unfortunately you don’t have … Continue reading M2 Choice

TSE Junior Etudes Note

TSE Junior Etudes is a mix of a student organization and a company, which allows our members to develop their professional skills before entering the job market. Our Junior Etudes belongs to the national movement of Junior-Entreprises (JE) led by the Confédération National des Junior Entreprises (CNJE). Our JE is currently working on data analysis, … Continue reading TSE Junior Etudes Note

Say It Aloud! Note

Say It Aloud was founded on a rather simple idea: TSE needed a forum where students could share their beliefs and discuss them. This way a small group of friends–pretty shy at first–gathered together and created Say It Aloud. They were thinking big. They decided it would be fun to organize conferences on various topics, … Continue reading Say It Aloud! Note

Opening lecture on Inequality and taxation: economic theory and policy implications

Another year has started, and with it a new generation of TSE students has arrived to Toulouse from mid-August. To celebrate the new school year, the administration had its usual welcome talks and lunch on September 11th. Following the tradition, there was an opening lecture at the end of the day. This year, Nicolas Werquin, … Continue reading Opening lecture on Inequality and taxation: economic theory and policy implications