M2 Choice – Statistics and Econometrics

Current Student - Joseph Agossa Which aspects of your chosen program were the most challenging ? Among the courses I have chosen this year, I can say that the most challenging for me were Mathematics of deep learning algorithms. Deep learning knowledge can be described in terms of four distinct aspects: Knowledge of multiple models … Continue reading M2 Choice – Statistics and Econometrics


TSE Alumni Article – Maguelonne Jarczak, Data Analyst at Airbus

  What is your position today? I am working as a Data Analyst at Airbus. I joined in October the Airframe data Analytics (ADA) Team that is in charge of supporting the deployment of data analytics solution for Airframe engineering. Airframe is the mechanical structure of an aircraft. I am part of a self-organised transnational … Continue reading TSE Alumni Article – Maguelonne Jarczak, Data Analyst at Airbus

Statistics: a libero in sports

Looking back at the 2014 World Cup, the dramatic match between Brazil and Germany immediately comes to mind. Within minutes, Brazil conceded three goals. Some fans might wonder if Germany had had a winning streak or a “hot hand” that brought them an enormous amount of luck. For a long time, the uncontested view among … Continue reading Statistics: a libero in sports