Luise Eisfeld testimony

What are your past studies and professions? I was interested in societal and economic questions after High School, so I began my studies with a Sociology major and Economics minor at the University of Mannheim. I quickly realized that I actually loved the quantitative classes I had taken, so I switched to studying only Econ … Continue reading Luise Eisfeld testimony


The influence of Joan Robinson on Economic thinking

  From Adam Smith to nowadays, most contributors to economic theory were men. Now that gender equality is an important issue in society, diversity is more present. For instance, Elinor Ostrom was the first female economist who received the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics in 2009 for her work in economic governance. Despite a lack … Continue reading The influence of Joan Robinson on Economic thinking

Women’s contribution to economic growth

The French economist Alfred Sauvy highlighted a shift in workforce throughout the three sectors of the economy; there is now more workforce in the service sector - the tertiary sector - than in the primary and manufacturing ones, as technical progress increased each sector’s productivity. It seems that women have benefited from these economic-related society’s … Continue reading Women’s contribution to economic growth


  The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded this year to Esther Duflo and two other researchers for their work on global poverty reduction. The prize was first established in 1968, and only one woman, Elinor Ostrom, had previously been awarded in economic sciences. In the workplace, men and women should be considered … Continue reading THE (UNDER)REPRESENTATION OF WOMEN IN ECONOMICS