Welcome to The TSEconomist’s 32nd issue, which is also the first issue of the new year. 2022 added one more year to a repeating or, for some, “rhyming” history. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marked the start of 2022 with global unrest, a fashionable way to evolve for this decade. As missiles were dropping, global energy prices soared, inflation rose, and climate heated. The sharp slowdown in growth raised the chances of stagflation for many countries. And we know that occurring social, political, and economic events have an unequal impact on the rich and poor. Thus, it would not be too absurd to assume that “the poor stayed poor, and the rich got rich” again.

Therefore, amid political and economic challenges to economic growth and the looming climate crisis, our magazine decided to dedicate this issue to poverty. In the spotlight section of the magazine, the authors penned unfolding poverty issues in Syria, South Africa, Costa Rica, and Mexico. You may also find articles on climate migration, the macroeconomic implications of a strong dollar environment, and the usage of satellite imagery to combat poverty.

Our editorial team tries to find enjoyable as well as important topics for the theme of every issue. We encourage our writers to push the economic way of thinking when they write about global challenges and the methods of tackling them. We hope this issue will deliver to the reader the sense of urgency of poverty and the joy of tackling it.

We wish you a good read.

Fikrat Valehli



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