Behavioural Note

This year TSE Behavioural Team is going from strength to strength, with the team working on four different projects in the first semester alone. We have also officially registered as a student association, securing our long term future as well as growing from five members to almost 20. We are constantly on the look-out for new talented and creative (or even just curious!) students, so if you are interested in joining us be sure to get in touch!

Our projects this semester include building on the fantastic results we achieved in our nudge experiment from last year, where we worked with the Dean to improve response rates to course evaluation forms by 77%. This year we are conducting an even more ambitious experiment and trialling more creative nudges. We have also begun an exciting partnership with the cafeteria staff and we are working with them to improve many different elements of the lunch experience, whose frustrations many readers will be all too familiar with! We are hoping to grow this relationship to the restaurant universitaire in the UT1 campus, where we want to look at things like healthy eating, food waste and better queuing systems. Finally, watch out for a big trial we will be running towards the end of the semester where we will work with a software developer in London to test how certain social media can affect student exam results. It promises to be a really fascinating study!


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