TSE Junior Etudes Note

TSE Junior Etudes is a mix of a student organization and a company, which allows our members to develop their professional skills before entering the job market. Our Junior Etudes belongs to the national movement of Junior-Entreprises (JE) led by the Confédération National des Junior Entreprises (CNJE). Our JE is currently working on data analysis, legal information, modelling of annual revenue, or even on the testing of economic models. Last year we had a mission that helped the offshoring of a company to another country, and we advised them to find new jobs for their employees taking into account their skills, area preferences, and family lives.

All our missions are done by paid TSE students who use their skills acquired in classes to develop and complete the mission. Different projects imply using different techniques. For some of them, our consultants have to use more quantitative skills (like statistics and/or econometrics); while for others they have to apply their skills in law. This is why any TSE student—from L3 ECO to M2 PPD—can be an adviser. Being an adviser means being in a company, getting paid and being in charge of a mission.  Our missions vary on time, content, as well as on the students’ profile; they can go from field research to econometric modelling and from one day to a whole year. If you are interested you just need to have a look on your Facebook, we always publish our offers for advisers on our page!

While doing a mission, an adviser is not alone. All missions are managed by a Project Chief who is responsible for the accountability of the mission and the relationship with the client. They meet with the client, adjust the mission to their needs, and decide on a budget, cost estimate, and the number of advisers for the mission. They also meet several times with the advisers in order to check the progress of the mission.

But TSE Junior Etudes is not only composed of advisers and Project Chiefs. In order to work as a company, we have a whole team of 22 people that helps us run the organization, helping develop Junior Etudes corporate image and carrying out the accounting and the quality control of our missions. Our Human Resources team promotes the well-being of the team as well as the understanding within the team. They are the ones in charge of selecting and recruiting the advisers in a way that ensures they can accomplish the mission.

By joining TSE Junior Etudes, our members get to develop their skills in project management, communication, accounting, and entrepreneurship. By helping lead the organization they get valuable training that will become useful in the developing of their future career. But not everything is work, we also have fun; we usually have after-works, or even free tickets to sports matches. We also meet at conferences with other Junior Entreprises to share our best practices and meet new people.

We would like to share our knowledge to you so if you are interested we will do some training to prepare you to the professional world and help boost your career. If you want to join us, our recruitment is next February, so get your CV and your ideas ready for next semester!




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